Delacon Fullstory

Delacon- the Only Call Tracking Provider Integrated with Fullstory

FullStory is used by companies of all sizes to understand customer activity on their clients’ websites- and pinpoint any pain points; confirm success, optimize the website and customer experience. of the website are working best. By recording the entire session, FullStory enables clients to see how their customers are navigating their website and understand vital trends that lead to, or prevent transactions being made.

By matching FullStory data with additional conversion data such as Delacon call tracking and analytics, clients are able to understand what drives conversions and acquire a complete picture of the user experience. The FullStory-Delacon integration enables organizations to accurately establish whether customers are in a researching phase or a buying phase. By understanding their intent, clients can facilitate a pathway that will provide a smooth experience in any scenario.

When a web session is matched with a phone call, Delacon will instruct the browser to inform the Fullstory server about the call event. The browser will continuously check the Delacon server every 2 seconds, to see whether any call is matched with this session. Every time a phone call happens, the client will be able to view the journey that led to that phone call in their FullStory interface.

Delacon call tracking captures the session data and can include IVR listening to capture caller intent, CRM integrations to capture revenue and Speech Analytics for other valuable insights. This can also include tracking of all sources for SEM and SEO- paid search, organic, social media, display and more.

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