Delacon uses Google’s BigQuery as an enterprise data warehouse, enabling faster-than-ever analysis, robust reports, and instant access to all your valuable insights.

You can now use the BigQuery connector via Data Studio to speed up the process of creating, visualising and sharing reports and dashboards with decision makers.

BigQuery connects data from all other sources you are using (such as Google Marketing Platform, CRMs including Salesforce, and more) meaning you will save time analysing data and promptly access meaningful insights to improve call management, sales and marketing in one convenient place.

You can conduct collective performance analysis without having to look at each individual platform and see the full picture of all your marketing and sales efforts quickly and clearly.

Best of all, data is analysed in real time, meaning you are getting the most current insights. Setting up your data warehouse is simple and will have you blending datasets with your Delacon data in no time. Please see our BigQuery guide to begin setting up.

Please see below examples of some of the data you can combine and view in BigQuery below:

Call intent
Keyword campaign