Integrated with significant Tag Management software

To easily roll out Delacon’s Call Tracking solution on your website, our system is integrated with a range of tag management software. If your website currently employs Google Tag Manager, SuperTag or Ensighten to implement code, it’s a simple process to add the call tracking code to your tag manager, which will then fire Delacon’s solution across your site.

Why integrate call tracking with Tag Management?

  • Easily roll out call tracking on your website
  • Easily update call tracking code on your website
  • Easily select where to activate call tracking
  • Personalise and customise marketing messages to website visitors who make telephone contact.


ensighten logo

Ensighten promotes their system as enabling digital marketers to easily deploy and manage all third-party tags from a single interface. Key competitive advantages include that their system works on any platform or device and supports any tag or conversion pixel. Overall Ensighten accelerates website performance, increases marketing agility, precision and effectiveness.


SuperTag is promoted as Australia’s leading tag management platform that lets marketers manage a range of digital analytics through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. By using the SuperTag system marketers can increase their ROI through more sophisticated campaigns by improving ad relevance, user experience and conversion rates.

Google Tag Manager

google tag manager logo

Google’s Tag Manager gives marketers the ability to add or update website tags and mobile applications easily whenever they need to. The intuitive interface means that marketers can use the platform without having significant knowledge of IT. Ultimately, Google Tag Manager is free and easy and leaves you with more time and money to spend on your marketing campaigns.


Signal combines real-time data collection across devices with persistent customer recognition, audience matching and segmentation. It provides real-time messaging to known customers and creates unique customer profiles across all channels.


Tealium provides a universal approach to managing data across multiple platforms. From managing tags to APIs, it is integrated with over 1,000 vendors. Their Universal Data Hub allows you to use real-time data to create better and more personal experiences for your customer.